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These types of financial systems always fail

This interview features Gold Silver’s Mike Maloney who puts forward a very strong argument in discussing:

  • Debt based currency systems create huge discrepancies of wealth and always fail.
  • Don’t fall for conventional ignorance.
  • Currency is borrowed into existence and we have to go deeper into debt for the system to keep functioning.
  • We must work in the future to pay for dollars that exist today.
  • Hard money system is slower, but fairer.
  • Only gold and silver is money because they store value, while the paper we call money is actually currency.
  • If the US dollar has a problem, every currency in the world has a problem.
  • History shows that most monetary systems last around 40 years.
  • A financial collapse will be followed by hyperperinflation.
  • Gold and silver are in their wealth cycles now and will continue to account for all the currency in circulation.

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